its dead week

my sister has given up on being an english major and has decided to be a full time burrito


she was quoted saying “burritos don’t have to write lesson plans”

i’ve decided to join her


burritos don’t have to take tests

Are those…actual burritos you’re burritoing next to?


those are taquitos 

those are our children

your children are beautiful and that is the most lovely family photo I ever did see!

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Seattle-based science professor and photographer Adam Summers shot an awesome series of photos, entitled Cleared, for which he used bleach and different dyes to alter aquatic subjects to create beautifully detailed images that look like colour x-rays.

Summers explains: “The technique uses two vital dyes – Alcian Blue to stain cartilaginous elements a deep blue and Alizarin Red S to turn mineralized tissue crimson. The specimen is then lightly bleached with hydrogen peroxide to remove dark pigments, leaving a snow-white fish. Flesh is dissolved with Trypsin, a digestive enzyme found in your intestine… In order to make the skin and remaining connective tissue invisible the entire specimen is immersed in glycerin.”

And so once again we see that Art + Science = Awesome.

Visit My Modern Metropolis to learn more about how Adam Summers creates these stunning images.

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